Mcafee firewall won t turn on

mcafee firewall won't turn on, The McAfee Firewall will not stay on when I turn it on. I also cannot turn on the Windows Firewall. There is definitely Malware on the
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I just started getting the alert that my Firewall is off. I click Turn On and with in a few seconds the alert comes up again and the firewall is off.

windows 7 - Win 7 firewall won't turn on,.

mcafee firewall won't turn on

McAfee Antivirus Won't Turn On

Mcafee firewall won t turn on

Firewall Antivirus Aktion
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  • McAfee firewall turned off and won't turn.

    Win 7 firewall won't turn on, nor the McAfee firewall. Hit by “Win 7 Anti-virus 2012” trojan. Removed, but a downed firewall is a lasting legacy
    Please see attached log from malware removal Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Trial) Database version: v2012.05.06.06

    Mcafee firewall won t turn on

    Mcafee Firewall
    Firewall Antivirus Aktion MacAfee Won't Turn On
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