Nova tumblr theme update

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Doação Lollota: Themes para tumblr Terra Nova Tumblr

Nova tumblr theme update

  • Doação Lollota: Themes para tumblr

  • With Tumblr you can determine how many images are displayed per page, making it easy to choose the right settings that will suit the theme of your choice.
    Backburner is a highly customizable and feature rich premium Tumblr theme by Style Hatch. Backburner supports virtually every Tumblr feature including group blogs

    With nearly 50 appearance options, two layout modes—standard two column and HD-wide one column, black and white versions, and flexibility to change the theme colors


    Terra Nova Maddy and Reynolds
    Nova Theme
    Vá em customize-theme - Disable custom HTML Dê Ctrl F e digite SEUTUMBLR , quando achar substitua pelo nome do seu tumblr
    Although Nova looks incredible with a fresh install, you have the option to customize the nearly 50 appearance option, choose from the standard two column layout and
    Pppff, let’s see if I ever actually end up finishing something properly. Crossover from picture where Jon Hamm cooks eggs
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    Nova tumblr theme update

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